Tuberculosis (tb) Information

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The Floyd County Health Department (FCHD) has passed the 100 patient mark in our response to a Tuberculosis (tb) outbreak in Southern Indiana. To date 15 people have had positive skin tests in Floyd County.

The index case in the outbreak is a Clark County resident, however, the case was diagnosed at Floyd Memorial Hospital. The FCHD is cooperating with local health care providers, the Indiana State Department of Health, and the Clark County Health Department to provide a rapid coordinated response. The initial activities are designed to identify at risk groups and provide PPD skin testing, the primary screening tool. Currently, less than 20 individuals remain to be tested in at risk groups in Floyd County. These groups have already been contacted. There is no need to start testing the general population. 

The PPD test involves injecting the patient's arm with a small quantity of reagent. A positive test occurs when erythema and firmness develop at the site. The test is read 48 to 72 hours post injection. Positive tests are then evaluated with X-rays or CT scans; blood tests may also be in order. Cases that are skin test positive but asymptomatic are usually treated with a single drug for 9 months; active, symptomatic cases are generally treated with a 4 drug regimen. Tb is a disease with a cure.

The Tb cases are not related to the Scott County HIV epidemic or the spike in Hepatitis C cases in Louisville and Southern Indiana. The Center for Disease Control reports there are about 10,000 new cases of tuberculosis each year in the US, although about 2/3 of these cases originate outside our borders.

If you have additional questions or need additional information about TB, individuals are encouraged to call the TB Services Hotline at (877) 826-0011. The hotline will be open during the normal Indiana State Department of Health business hours from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may also click here for a pamphlet from the Centers for Disease Control outlining general information about TB.

Click here for additional information from the Indiana State Department of Health.

For further information contact the Floyd County Health Department at 812-948-4726.