Saturday, 9/13: Disabilities, Access & Functional Needs and Older Americans

Saturday, 9/13: Disabilities, Access & Functional Needs and Older Americans

  • It's important for older Americans to evaluate their personal needs and make plans to cover those needs in an emergency. Take action and plan before a disaster by: -Creating a network of neighbors, relatives, friends and co-workers to help you in an emergency. -Having enough medications and supplies for at least a week or longer -Have copies of emergency documents including Medicare information Watch and share this video for more tips and information: #NatlPrep
  • “Preparing makes sense for Older Americans” Video
  • Preparing makes sense for people with access and functional needs. View this video for tips: #NatlPrep
  • Blue Button will keep your health records accessible and safe during an emergency. Learn how: #NatlPrep
  • Take time with seniors to make an emergency plan. Print this plan: #NatlPrep
  • Preparing for emergencies by having at least a one week supply of medications.
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  • Prepare For Emergencies Now: Information For Older Americans 
  • Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information for People with Disabilities

Wednesday 9/10; Business preparedness

Does your business have an emergency plan? We have 5 steps that will walk your business through an emergency plan. The steps include: Program management, Planning, Implementation, Testing and exercise, Program improvements. 

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• Have a business emergency preparedness plan and practice it! Tips: #PrepareAthon
• Business disaster plan tip: save important docs on the cloud for quick access after a storm. #NatlPrep
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