5210 Healthy Living

5210 is an obesity prevention initiative of the Floyd County Obesity Task Force working with Floyd County community partners and residents to create environments that support healthy choices. Bringing evidence-based strategies for healthy living into schools, child care and out-of-school programs, health care practices, and workplaces, 5210 reaches children and adults where they live, learn, work, and play.   5210 is adapted from Let's Go which has been serving various communities in the state of Maine since 2006.


Parent Tips for Living 5210

As a parent, what you do makes a difference in your family! Research shows that kids model their parents’ behaviors and attitudes. Kids learn to enjoy heathy foods and be physically active by watching those around them, and even small changes can make a big difference. Below are a variety of resources to help your family live by 5-2-1-0. And for parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we have tailored tools specific to the challenges these children and their families face. 

5 - Eat at least 5 servings of fruits & vegetables per day

 Eat at Least Five Fruits and Vegetables a Day
"5" A Day Bracelets Activity
A Meal is a Family Affair
Breakfast is Best!
Feeding Infants
Feeding Toddlers and Preschoolers
Fruits and Vegetables Year-Round
Fuel Learning w/ Fruits and Vegetables
Handling a Choosy Eater
Healthy Brown Bag Lunches
Healthy Convenient Stores
Healthy Fast Food
Healthy Favorites—A booklet with tips and recipes
Healthy Shopping on a Budget
Healthy Tips for Dining Out
How to Add Fiber to Your Meals
Maine Seasonal Food Guide
Making Sense of Portion Sizes
Nonfood Rewards at Home
Tasty Snacks for Healthy Kids—A handy list of what’s good for you
Understanding Food Labels
What's a Healthy Portion
IDD Choosey Eating
IDD Healthy Foods by Texture
IDD Tools to Address Eating Problem
IDD Food Rewards Tracker





Seasonal Tips for Healthy Living

Simple Holiday Recipe Swaps


 More information to come!