Fee Schedule

Vital Records Fees

Birth Certificates: $13.00

Death Certificates:$13.00

Paternity Affidavit (includes Birth Certificate): $25.00  

Nursing Dept Fees

Children’s Immunizations: Children’s immunization clinics are held every Wednesday, by appointment only. Please call (812) 948-4726, ext. 656 to make your appointment.

VFC (Vaccine for Children)

Children who are enrolled in Medicaid are eligible for VFC vaccine at no charge. We (the Health Department) bill Medicaid on your behalf.

Children who are eligible for VFC: (Those without insurance, those whose insurance does not pay for vaccines and those who are American Indian or Alaskan Native) are asked to pay an administration fee of $8.00 per vaccination. No child, however, will be denied vaccine for inability to pay an administration fee.

Children who are insured: We are now able to bill private insurance for vaccine through VaxCare. If your insurance does not reimburse the Health Department, however, you are responsible for the cost of vaccine(s).

Adult Immunizations/TB Tests

By appointment only - please call (812) 948-4726, ext 659

Prices are subject to change

Flu Vaccine:                   $25.00
Pneumonia Vaccine:        $90.00
Hepatitis A Vaccine:         $42.00
Hepatitis B Vaccine:         $45.00
Shingles                        $228.00 
TDAP (tetanus, diptheria, pertussis): $44.00
VaricellaVaccine:             $115.00
MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) $68.00
TB Skin Test (PPD):         $10.00

For adults who meet financial need requirements and are at risk, the following vaccines are available through the Indiana Publicly Funded Vaccine Program:  TDAP, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B.  Please call for details.

Septic System Related Fees

Site Survey for New Septic System: $50.00

New Septic System Permit: $150.00

Mound Septic System Permit: $250.00

Septic System Repair Permit: $75.00

Final Re-Inspection Fee:  $25.00

Site Approval: $40.00

Septic Installer License: $100.00 (Late Fee: 50% of license fee)

Subdivision Approval:

  • Lots 1-5: $50.00
  • Lots 6-10: $100.00
  • Lots 11-20: $200.00
  • Lots 21-30: $300.00
  • Lots 31-40: $400.00
  • Lots >41: $500.00

Environmental Audits: Record Search: $25.00

Record Search & Site Visit: $50.00


Full Year Pool Permit: $60.00 per pool (Late Fee: 100% of permit fee)

< 6mo Year Pool Permit: $30.00 per pool (Late Fee: 100% of permit fee)


Temporary Food Establishment: $20 per day, not to exceed $100 for a maximum of 14 consecutive days    

Farmer's Market: $125.00 for market season

Retail Plan Review: $100.00

Retail Food Market: (based on sq. footage)

Retail Food Service Establishment: (based on number of employees)

Bed & Breakfast: $150

Seasonal Concessions/Mobile Unit (<6 mo/yr): $175.00

Food Establishment Late Fee: 50% of permit fee 


Facility: $300.00

Temporary: $180.00

Tattoo Artist: $50.00

Guest: $25.00

Temporary: $20/day