The New Albany Health Department was established in 1855.  In 1964, it became the New Albany-Floyd County Health Department and continued in this capacity until 1991.  Reorganization then placed the department solely under county administration and fiscal control.  However, in its entire history the department has always sought to respond to the county's developing needs.  The year 1996 brought the first restaurant licensing.  In 1967, we began supervising septic system installations.  In 1975, in response to growing demands for prenatal care and the inability to access such care, the health department applied for and received grant funding to open the Maternal and Child Health clinic (MCH). 

To this, was added the Women, Infant, Children (WIC) clinic in 1979, which provides nutritional supplement and education to lower income families.  The department took on the responsibility of family planning services for the county in 1981.  The year 1989 saw the addition of our outreach nursing program, which provides preventative and wellness care to seniors.  In 1990, through grant funding, we began an animal vector control program.  Also, in 1990, we began providing assistance to indigent individuals who cannot purchase essential medications.  In 1991, we began our influenza vaccination program.  In 2000, we began an adult vaccination program.  Also in 2000, we were instrumental in the establishment of the Family Health Clinic, which provides medical services to all individuals in Floyd County without health insurance.