Floyd County Health Department Birth and Death Records begin with the year 1882. Death Records from the years 1940 through 1947 and from 1960 to the present do not list the following: Date of birth, name of spouse, parents name or parents birthplace. 

It is necessary for you to supply us with a date of birth/death in order for us to search our records. If we are able to locate the record, using the information you provide, we will send you the information contained in the record.

As of January 1, 2018 fees for genealogy request are:

  • Birth Records......................... $13.00 per name
  • Death Records........................ $13.00 per name

(Cashier's check or money order only; paid to the order of the Floyd County Health Department.)

Genealogy Request Form (pdf)


Floyd County Health Department birth records dating 1882-1899 and death records dating 1882-1899 are on microfilm and may be viewed free of charge at the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library at the link below. 

Floyd County Death Records 1882-1899


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